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About Rory Newbold & drum lessons

How did I learn?


I was always interested in music, I grew up in a family of guitarists so I picked up the guitar very early but after hours and hours of watching VHS concert recordings,

I knew I had to learn to play the drums. My parents saw my interest and reached out to the local music shop and got me booked in with the drum tutor there.

My teacher encouraged me and gave my interest structure and it was amazing for me to have someone to regularly quiz and pester about drums (pretty sure I didn't stop talking during my lessons) I'm eternally grateful for you Geoff!

After studying, I decided that I wanted to give others what drumming had and continues to give me. I found so much peace and focus in drumming. I have always enjoyed teaching anything I could to others and appreciated the skill and encouragement of the great teachers I have had in my own education.


I started my tuition business and more than two decades on I still love going to work every day. Seeing the growth of students as young as four up to students in their seventies has been an incredible privilege that I will cherish forever.

My goal?

My aim is to do the exact same thing I did when I started teaching. I want to find the right way for you to enjoy the instrument as much as I do! I will work with you to identify you optimum learning style, using a range of teaching techniques. To help you learn by focusing on your goals and wishes.

Who can learn?

Absolutely anyone! I'll work with you to reach any goals, great or small, beginner or professional. Reading, styles, theory, songs and technique. We can look at everything at a rate and difficulty that's right for you.

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